Mother & Daughter Venture!

Ciona & Candice

I am so excited that you're here! My name is Candice and I am a single mom, counselor, and entrepreneur. My passion is to help others feel good about themselves, promote positive thinking and self-love, even through their darkest times. If only for just a moment, relax and lighten up your life with a wonderful scent and elegant glow of my gel candles. Or choose from any of our exciting new creations. My hope is that you appreciate and enjoy the lovely scent of each product. Every item is handcrafted one piece at a time. Please be assured that your perfect find is made with spiritual guidance and care. My focus is always directed towards positive thoughts, relaxation, and manifestation. So go ahead, take a look, choose your Seriously Perfect Finds and enjoy every moment of peace and serenity.

We are not only a black-owned and women-owned business, but we're also a Family-owned business! Bon Bon's Body Butters & Lotions, my daughter's creation, brings her own beautiful line of  handmade body butters, lotions, and more. Each product is made with quality butter bases and natural oils. ​Check out her brand new products!